ABOUT MIddle city Games


Vijay Myneni // engineer - game designer
Vijay designed his first successful game while on a playground at the age of 8.  It was an impossibly complex variant of Tag called “King of the Thing”, and it kept his friends entertained for a full 30 minutes.  For a Stanford University class project, he created a video game in which a character’s most powerful ability was to have a panic attack.  After many exciting odd jobs, he drifted into indie games and designed and programmed the acclaimed strategy card game Age of Rivals, which he still operates.  Now he is excited to be working with Nicci on Dr. Schplot’s Nanobots, while still hoping to one day find time to make King of the Thing 2: Revenge of the Thing.


Nicci Gabriel // design - illustration - ux
Nicci Gabriel is an avid gamer, karaoke enthusiast and urban farmer who spends an inordinate amount of time basking in the glow of her computer. Before co-founding Middle City Games with Vijay, Nicci was the Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of Duck Duck Moose (now a subsidiary of Khan Academy) which makes educational apps for kids. At Duck Duck Moose, Nicci designed 14 top-selling games. All 14 apps earned and sustained top rankings in iTunes. These days Nicci is excited to be working with Vijay on a game for "adults" combining her rarely used degree in biology with her love of things small and cute with big eyes.